Utilizing our characters is a definite way to captivate onlookers and get your message heard.  We specialize in producing Realistic 3D Animated Characters also known as: Virtual Actors, Avatars, Spokesperson, Spokespeople, Virtual Female, Virtual Woman, Virtual Man, Virtual Humans, for 2nd Life, Trade Show Displays and media, Virtual tours, Orientations, DVD Media, Virtual Training media, websites, flash media, and more.
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AVA variation Four:  AVA is available is a variety of flavors with regard to makeup, eyes, lip color, eyelash length, face shape, and hair. Inquire within for more details.
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Gravity Design Studios is an innovative media production company specializing in the production of cutting-edge 3D character animations using realistic virtual people for DVD, Websites, Trade show media, displays, 2nd Life, Second Life, Continuing Medical Education, Virtual Tours, Virtual Training, Presentations, and more.

Our 3d animated characters are also known as: Virtual Spokespeople, Virtual Spokesperson, Virtual Actors, Realistic 3d Characters, Virtual Representatives, Avatars and Virtual Avatars, Virtual Patient, and Virtual Humans.

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