Nearly limitless possibilities of which here are a few.

Much of what we do is limited only to the bleeding edge of current technology.

Producing Trade Show Media, Virtual Tours, Virtual Training, and Continuing Medical Education are a few areas in which we have excelled with our clients. This is not to say they are the only realms in which we dwell. We have been only limited by the rate at which we can produce media while pushing the envelope on the possibilities. Virtual Actors, Spokespeople, Instructors and the like can be tailored to suit any number of media types and needs.

We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions. With each new client project, we succeed in exercising our ability to find solutions and make progressive vision; a reality.

Tradeshow Media can be produced for any variety of purposes. Typically, our 3D Virtual Spokespeople and Instructors are featured on a large flat-panel plasma display. In some cases this display may feature the character as being 1:1 human scale (life-sized). When using a 60" Plasma display the character can be actual human scale displaying just below the waist to the top of their head.

Smaller displays may either feature just the head, neck, and shoulders of a character speaking or be simply reduced in scale.

The content may be virtually anything. Our previous clients have chosen to feature the characters to convey important information. This includes itineraries of events at the conference, educational material for attendees, or simply to capture attention and drive new clients into their tradeshow space.

Bayer Animal Health - North American Tradeshow July, 2007

Our 3D Virtual Instructors and Spokespeople have advanced two generations since this production piece which we produced for Bayer utilizing a custom life-sized 3D Virtual Instructor to educate attendees of the tradeshow on a specific diseases, and products to prevent or treat those conditions.

Bayer Animal Health - North American Tradeshow Jan, 2007

Bayer featured two of our early generation Virtual Spokespeople to speak to attendees, each on opposing displays drawing patrons in with fascination. The purpose of these Virtual Spokespeople was to verbally welcome patrons, invite them into their massive 60x20 foot tradeshow space, and inform them of Bayer sponsored events.

Virtual Training is now a memorable experience

While eLearning can be presented in a variety of media types in this example we produced a demo in partnership with eMersion, utilizing Articulate's suite of products to create a visually stimulating and memorable learning experience.

Most of our previous Virtual Training has traditionally been produced for DVD media, or CD ROM. However, our close partnerships enable us to provide breathtaking interactive virtual training for virtually any subject.

Please visit our Contacts Page if you have any questions with regard to capabilities, cost estimates, or to propose a concept.

How to Prepare for An Earthquake demo September, 2008

This flash-based demo was created to demonstrate some of the amazing capabilities Articulate's products; produced in partnership with eMersion.

We feature a Virtual 3D Character being shaken about in a representation of an earthquake. After the initial opening animation sequence, we feature a Virtual 3D News Anchor reporting the events between the virtual learning segments.

Click on any of the thumbnail images to see a larger closeup, or the View Demo button to see the actual demonstration.

Virtual Continuing Medical Education & Virtual Patient Technology

A few years ago, Gravity Design Studios was sought after by Continuing Medical Education (CME) companies to develop the premise of a Virtual Patient. This technology was created in order to educate physicians on various diseases, disease states, and the implementation of various pharmaceuticals to show the improvment of these diseases in a virtual interactive media.

Please visit our Contacts Page if you have any questions with regard to capabilities, cost estimates, or to propose a concept.

Viewed Globally in Symposiums

This Virtual Patient technolgy has been viewd by thousands of some the world's leading physicians via directly with a computer screen, or via symposiums where attendance numbers exceeded 5000 people on large 10x14 foot projection screens. Today many offices uses a similar technology in which our virtual actors greet patients for new client orientations, they appear in medical offices waiting rooms and detail specific information about those businesses educating the clients of the doctors, their credentials, and what makes their practice special. These animations may be produced on cd-rom or dvd to be sent home with patients or mailed to them.

View some of our latest medical and characters on our Media page

Our Media page hosts a variety of other animation media and images allowing you to see some of our latest generation of characters and animation.

While we strive to remain on the forefront of technology, we realize that it can be a whole new language to some.

So we put together a definitions page with thumbnail images that you can click on to understand better what we do as a design and production company. View our Definitions page.

Gravity Design Studios' virtual spokespeople provide our business with an impacting, traffic-stopping presence.

Using this unique medium of communication supports our objective to bring attention to our marketing initiatives.
Dean Cost, Manager,
BAYER Healthcare,
Animal Health Division.
Virtual Actors brought attention to our product like nothing else. It was a pleasure to work with such creative professionals to help our products shine! Thanks as we look forward to working with you again soon!
Todd Kelly, Founder,
Digital Media Group, Inc.
August 28, 2008

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