A new language for emerging technology.

While we have been a pioneer in the development of 3D Virtual Actors and Spokespeople over the last decade, we are continually challenged with new projects and utilization or virtual characters. The possibilities are nearly endless in the way they can be utilized. Here are some definitions to help get you acquainted with this emerging technology.

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What is a 3D Virtual Person?

A 3D Virtual Person is a rendered 3D Model or Object of a person; entirely computer generated and designed with elements of realism.

What is a Virtual Spokesperson?

A Virtual Spokesperson is a 3D Virtual Person designed, animated and presented in such a way that it represents a company and conveys a message to a targeted audience. An impressive characteristic of a Virtual Spokesperson is affords exponential bandwidth, as the Virtual Spokesperson delivers a message, repetitively and concisely in an interesting way.

What is a Virtual Actor?

A Virtual Actor is 3D Virtual Person which plays a part or a role within an animation, or other media.

What is a 3D Virtual Character?

A 3D Virtual Character is most often a 3D Generated depiction of a character, sometimes human, animal, or other; though typically fictional and less realistic than a 3D Virtual Person.

What is a Virtual Instructor?

A Virtual Instructor is 3D Virtual Person designed, animated and presented in such a way that it educates its viewers. The content can any educational media, ranging from (but not isolated to) Continuing Medical Education (CME), Human Resources Training, Product Training, and other curriculum.

What is a Virtual Patient?

A Virtual Patient is a 3D Virtual Person who typically is designed to resemble a patient who suffers from a specific disease or symptoms. These Virtual Patients can express their symptoms or side effects in addition to reflecting a state of wellness, illness, or specific states of progression or decline while implementing pharmaceutical products or therapies.

What is Virtual Training

Virtual Training refers to most training which does not involve a human instructor, whether it is on CD or DVD media, on the web, or locally hosted on an intranet. With our technology 3D Virtual Instructors, Virtual 3D Actors, and/or Virtual 3D Characters are utilized to instruct any number of subjects; whether it be corporate ethics training, learning new languages, product information, techniques, or virtually any other subject in which it is necessary to captivate attention and improve the retention of those viewing the training course.

What is 3D Virtual CME?

Virtual CME (Continuing Medial Education) is produced in a variety of media ranging from Tradeshow/Convention media displays to CD, DVD, or web. The purpose of this media is to educate physicians and medical staff on medical products, pharmaceuticals, diseases, best practices, and emerging medical technology.

While we hope that the above definitions will help you better understand our terminology, we are happy to answer any other questions you may have.

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