Gravity Design Studios

Gravity Design Studios was founded in 2000 by Brandon Waiss who has been an influential pioneer in the world of Virtual Actors, Virtual Spokespeople, Virtual People, and Virtual Instructors. The evolution of which has been a natural progression driven by passion, interest, and most of all: Demand for innovative marketing and alternative educational technology.

We have been fortunate to develop some fantastic media for our long list of clients ranging from Continuing Medical Education (CME) media and software, to DVD media, educational software and more.

One of our primary objectives is to stay on the forefront of this technology, and provide a means for our clients to capture audiences to convey our clients' message in an exciting and interesting way. Whether you focus on the character's eyes, lips, or simply listening to their voice; the message is being heard.

Our earliest days began as a 3D Character Development company. Around Y2K our direction changed as we were sought after to conceptualize and produce the Virtual Patient Technology and media which we soon-after produced for companies such as Merck, Biogen, and other large pharmaceutical companies through our partnerships.

The demand for virtual education found Gravity Design Studios near the millennium, and its need has been increasing exponentially ever since. Our use case studies found the obvious: That when someone is presented with data in an interesting way, they are more apt to focus upon it and retain it. So it is no coincidence that a good portion of our bandwidth is spent in the development of eLearning media, Virtual Training, and Virtual Education.

In 2006 our business began producing Trade Show Media for a variety of companies; our largest of which is Bayer Corporation. These were the foreshadowing times to a significant delta in our business. Now for the first time we featured 3D Virtual Spokespeople who spoke to otherwise "passers-by" and drew them into the massive 20x60 foot trade show space. Our Virtual Spokespeople performed a number of functions. The two primary functions of these Virtual People were to convey calendar items and events at the trade-shows and to also provide virtual education to patrons which correlated to the products being featured at the event. When and audience has something visually stimulating in front of them their attention span is longer and their retention is exponential.

So now our vision is broader than ever with countless applications to utilize 3D Virtual Characters, Spokespeople, Actors, Avatars, and Instructors; with our only limitation being the rate at which we can produce new innovative media.

Gravity Design - We speak, for your business.