Interior Design Style to Make Your Dream Home

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Are you Shabby Chic or modern classic? Don’t you know? Don’t worry! We can help you find out with our interior style quiz.

With our 10 questions, you will be able to give a name to the design style of your dream home and answer this burning question: “Am I more Joanna Gaines, Erin Napier or Bobby Berk?”With a little inspiration for home design, you can start your home design project.

3 steps to decorate your home:

Now that you have a clear idea of your interior design preferences, thanks to our interior design quiz, here are our three crucial steps to successfully decorating your home. You can make your home reflect your style without spending a fortune.

Step #1: Know your design style.

Let’s face it-some interior design styles are easy to confuse with each other (Hello, modern and contemporary!). So how do you make sure that the design you are trying to imitate really reflects your style?

Start with an inside quiz.

Start with our What is My decorating style? Quiz! It’s not like those high school math quizzes, I promise! It’s completely visual, thoughtful, and fun. You’d be the surprised-the style you end up with (and that really suits you) might be slightly different from what you thought all along. It also gives you the necessary design vocabulary to narrow down your search. When searching for home decor pieces online, you can type words like “industrial,” “coastal,” or “bohemian” to help you find the perfect fit for your home!

Take a good look at your space.

Once you have defined your style, your next step is to realistically estimate your space. Is a total renewal in the cards? Or do you just need accessories here and there to show off your style? Which parts of your homework for you and which don’t? Is it important for your home to have a lot of natural light? Is artificial light enough? And most importantly, does this giant blue shark figurine that you saw at your neighbor’s garage sale really emphasize the beach cottage look that you are looking for?

Whatever your style, remember to remain flexible in your thinking, This is not a good or a bad situation. You need to be comfortable in your space, and if you are an artist, you want your guests to be amazed by your chic decoration, not put off by forced perfection or an overly designed and cluttered space.

Get inspired.

Now we come to the fun part. Dive into Pinterest, stock up on interior design magazines, and watch some of the cool interior design shows on TV.

Do you see something you like when you visit friends or travel? Take into account what inspires you: create a body mood board by keeping space in your place to hang photos of what you like, fill out an album or go virtual and create your own Pinterest board.

Step #2: Choose, consider, chaplain.

First of all, choose style elements and accessories that you (and your family) will use and enjoy in the long run. As much as we want our space to embody our style, functionality and functionality always make a house livable and comfortable.

Secondly, consider lighting, measurements, etc. It’s easy to shop for anything that embodies your style. But the fact is that not all of these items are made to fit your home. Think about how much light your space receives at any time of the day and choose paint colors and lighting that can brighten up your space. Take notes on the dimensions of your room to make sure you have furniture that suits you.

Finally, organize a new style of your home by bringing only things that make you happy. To create a truly eye-catching space, take it easy with accessories. Just because it is available and matches your theme does not mean that you should use it. (Think of the baby blue shark from before!)

Step #3: Work within your budget.

For some, the difficulty of visualizing the design of their dream home disappears once the call for a budget arrives. But working within your budget should not be a source of anxiety and should not stifle your creative potential. Here’s how you can stick to your budget without sacrificing the decoration of your dreams:

Use items that you already have.

You may already have what you need. Categorize each item you currently own and identify if it still serves its purpose and the style you are looking for. Do you have items that have a very different aesthetic than the one you are looking for? Hold a garage sale for extra funds or donate them to your nearest charity.

Dive into a garage sale, an estate sale or a second-hand store.

Someone else’s unwanted things can be your treasure. You can find almost any design style, both old and new. Remember to check “box lots” on a real estate sale… often a lot of decorative objects (and sometimes, real treasures!) are thrown in a heap to speed up sales.

Focus on mixing rather than matching.

Buying high-value items at once, such as a set of furniture, can seem like a way to get everything you need at once. But it can end up draining your budget faster and limiting your ability to really customize your space. To design like a real pro, don’t be afraid to mix and match your elements, especially your furniture. Keep a focal point and add additional accessories.

Try your hand at DIY your home parts.

Interior styles such as Shabby Chic and industrial, among others, present lively pieces that are easy to reproduce with a little patience and elbow grease. With DIY, you can unleash your creativity and create design pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.

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