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With so many of you in love with The Hobbit movie and the characters played by J. R. R. Tolkien, we decided to make a special article. And since design and architecture are our thing, we’ve put together a list of some of the most notable Architecture projects that resemble or are derived from the famous fantasy novels. Have fun!

#1.Sustainable wooden house in West Wales

Simon Dale from Wales has imagined a sustainable wooded House on a hill in the countryside, which can be considered “cartoonish” enough to match the small hobbit houses from the Lord of the Rings. The project is bold, very practical, and the construction cost the owner only £ 3,000. A nice way to escape the hassle of monthly utility bills, don’t you think?

#2. Lord Of The Rings Residence in Barbados

If it hadn’t been built in 1975 (long before the film itself), some would probably say that this 3,500-square-foot multi-level house by Ian Morrison on top of a hill in Barbados, is certainly inspired by the Lord of the Rings movie. Built in a beautiful setting with soothing interiors that seem to overflow with greenery, the house brings a relaxing atmosphere that you can “almost” feel.

#3. Cute Lord Of The Rings Hobbit houses in New Zealand

The Hobbit scenes from the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy were filmed on a hill plot in Matamata, New Zealand. Now the little Hobbit houses have become a tourist attraction, but they have also become homes for some sheep from a nearby farm. The interiors of these white structures were never finished because the scenes that were shot inside were actually filmed on a studio set. Although the place where these hobbit houses rest under the sun is not a fun and intimidating Disneyland-like amusement park, one can visit the countryside and have the chance to learn about the sheep raised here and even pet the Lambs.

#4. The House of the dunes

Even if the architect William Morgan did not plan to make the Dune House in Atlantic Beach, USA, look like a fabulous dwelling, the project may have interesting correlations with Tolkien’s readers. Originally built in 1975, this original looking residence consists of two almost identical 750 square meter apartments, each with a bedroom and a bathroom.

#5. Shire-inspiring underground residence in Switzerland

The unusual architecture of this house was conceived by SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects. This particular ” hobbit house “includes all the facilities of a common house, such as a guest room, an enjoyment area, but also” specialized ” interiors such as an underground PATH. The entrance is a wide oval opening to which you are led by traditional stone stairs. Large windows make it visible and draw attention to the interior decoration.

#6. Peter Archer’s Hobbit House

Architect Peter Archer has designed a perfect little retreat in rural Chester County, about 50 miles northwest of Philadelphia, USA. “We wanted a unique structure, a small place to relax, so that the owner could come and hang out and be alone with his collection”” explained the architect. The fantastic mansion inspired by the two famous novels – “The Hobbit” and “the Lord of the Rings”- was built in collaboration with a team of craftsmen, and it is not intended as a Hollywood interpretation, but a timeless mansion.

#7. Chris Whited’s waterwheel House

With a charming corrugated roof, asymmetrical walls and even a waterwheel, the house built by Chris Whited in Bainbridge Island, Washington responds to our idea of a fairytale dwelling. The project has a total area of 1200 square meters, is perfectly adapted to human life and is built out of pure passion, without the intention of making headlines.

#8. Hobbit House In Montana, United States

The Hobbit Village is a “County” inspired place dedicated to Tolkien’s characters. During the spring and summer months, hobbit lovers can live in the village for prices starting per night. It was here that we came across this charming hobbit house with an interior that does not lack the comfort of modern life.

#9. Standard residence in the village of the Hobbits

Round windows and front door, earthen walls and grass siding-this is how a real hobbit House should look! Admit it – you would love to live in a small house like this, even if it requires a little sacrifice. At least for a while.

#10. The House Of Bilbo Balgins

Finally, visit Bilbo Baggins House in The Hobbit Village in Montana, USA. Particularly inviting, this perfect abode is probably not as appealing to mature, as they can only peek inside and not really … live inside. Do you think it’s as beautiful as the “real fantasy” version?

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