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Planning to build a house can make you both excited and overwhelmed. Building means making hundreds of choices on the way to your move-in date. The first is, of course, the type of house you are going to build. The architectural style is almost as unique as the families who live in the house, so it is a very personal decision. Good design is the combination of two factors: aesthetics and function. Strike the perfect balance between what looks great and what works for your family, and you have a dream home in the works.

Don’t know where to start? Understanding the most common architectural styles will help you narrow down your choices. With a general style in mind, your architect can create the perfect plan. Here are some of the most common styles and what makes them stand the test of time.

Cape Cod Hotels

If you’re thinking of affordability, a simple Cape Cod style might be the right solution. Cape Cod homes are fairly simple: they are usually rectangular with open floor plans. The main living room consists of a kitchen and a living room, with a few bedrooms off the main space. Cape Cod homes are easy to maintain, with wood as the main material. On the outside, the steep facades and symmetrical lines offer a simple look with a lot of Curb Appeal.


If you like a home with charm and character, the home of a craftsman is perfect for you. Beautiful woodwork, handmade beams and beamed ceilings give the Houses of the Craftsmen a warm and comfortable atmosphere. And their characteristic open floor plans make them a great choice for families. Typically made with wooden materials, the handmade houses are bright, natural and simple.

Modern / Meadow

Clean lines and refined style distinguish modern homes and prairie homes. Ideal for the eco-conscious family, modern homes let the landscape be the star. Expect flat roofs and clean lines with little woodwork. Modern houses are often made of glass and tiles, as well as sustainable materials and energy sources. Large open interior spaces provide plenty of natural light. It is a clean and streamlined approach to design that appeals to the individual without any hassle.


There’s something nostalgic about a traditional home, and the colonial design gives you that classic look. The architectural style has existed since the 1600s, so it is not based on constantly changing trends. Instead, it is a solid construction and symmetrical architecture. Evenly spaced windows, shutters and verandas stand out in colonial houses. This is facilitated by keeping the House rectangular, with simple square rooms inside. It’s an ideal fit for a family that values classic style more than flashy trends.

French Provincial

Fancy a walk in the French countryside? That is the feeling behind French provincial architecture. American homeowners love the grandiose feel of French homes, which have gained popularity over the past decade. Great features such as oversized fireplaces, luxurious bathrooms and beautiful gardens offer plenty of space without sacrificing style. Matching Windows accentuate the high ceilings and Stone is the material of choice inside and out.


The farm style has a moment, and for good reason. As a highly functional design style, it allows owners to have their cake and eat it. The farms are very stylized, with beamed ceilings and shabby chic finishes. However, the current architecture is quite simple: large open spaces. This allows growing families to enjoy their space in a hassle-free home meant for life. Preferred feature over design, the farmhouse style offers more living space and a relaxed aesthetic.


One of the most cost-effective building styles, ranch design usually means effective layouts. Since most ranch-style homes are single-story, flow and lifestyle are two important things to consider. Ranch homes are perfect for families in need of more accessibility, and the one-story layout gives easy access to the outdoors. In addition, most ranch homes have large attached garages, so they are a do-it-yourselfer’s dream. With open floor plans, these are also good empty nesting houses.

The choice of architectural style is not limited to what is beautiful. This requires careful consideration of everything from the size of your family to your lifestyle and budget. Talk to your architect about your needs, your wishes, and your style inspiration. Together, you can choose a design style that suits a home that is truly appropriate for the way you live.

Do you know what type of building style appeals to you the most? Tell us all about it below!

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