Learn to Work Rustic Brickwork in Modern Homes

Learn to Work Rustic Brickwork in Modern Homes post thumbnail image

Masonry is a common texture that is used in a variety of trends. It is useful for conveying a classic or country atmosphere in a room. As a result, you can usually see it in rustic or country styles. But rustic brickwork has become a bigger part of chic trends over the years. Styles like industrial chic use masonry, as do rustic chic styles.

In addition to large-scale trends, there are also several subtle, stylish ways to use brick. Read on to learn how to work with rustic brickwork in a variety of modern spaces.

Industrial Style Rustic Masonry

As mentioned above, rustic brickwork is common in industrial spaces. The modern industrial space in the photo above uses it to great effect. The red texture of the brick walls adds some warmth to the concrete. Modern spaces also tend to use high-contrast materials together, so if you want to create contrast using texture, brick is a good element to use in your design.

The image above also shows how brick can work in a minimalist and modern space. Brick does a wonderful job of imparting texture to a space where elements such as wall hangings and trash cans are not used. It makes up for the lack of those items that would normally give texture.

Rustic Chic Brick

Rustic chic is another style that makes excellent use of brickwork in the home. An example is the rustic chic living room space in the photo above. The textured masonry creates an instant rustic sensibility. It goes well with other subtle rustic elements, such as the woven rug.

This photo shows how well brick can work with a more modern sensibility in the rest of the room. The room has the bright, light colors that are common in modern spaces. And that light color is well reflected in the brick itself and the light grout. It all combines well to be overwhelmingly contemporary.

The Accent Wall

Another great use for brick is to use it as an accent wall. In the photo above, the distressed, jerky texture gives the brick a striking rustic look. It shows how you can get a rustic feel in a modern space by simply adding brick to a single wall.

In fact, the rustic brickwork accent wall adds contrast and visual interest to the space. The rest of the space is thoroughly modern, with the minimalist side tables, dark black headboard and white walls, while the exposed lamp gives a light industrial feel. When combined, the elements in this room show how well brick fits into a rustic chic space.

Combining Textures

A current feature of modern spaces is to get creative with conflicting textures. And the space in the photo above got the principle right.

The brick in the backsplash sets a solid tone of strong texture. Meanwhile, marble on the countertop adds even more texture against even more textured wood. It’s about showing how three textures can create tons of visual interest in just about any space. This would be a great style for artsy spaces where high contrast is the central theme.

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