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You don’t have to live deep in the woods or by the sea to understand the appeal of the cottage-style design. With its clean look and unique personal touches, it’s not hard to see why this aesthetic has been around for centuries. In our opinion, it’s not going anywhere fast. plus. So keep reading to receive the ultimate education on how to make this look work in your interiors. With our advice, even the busiest spaces can be transformed into an oasis of peace.

Choose a light color scheme

Cottage design is about creating bright, bright, and airy spaces. When designing these rooms, this should be your main consideration, starting with the color scheme. Since many cottage interiors have an eclectic look, the color often ends on a strong and unifying factor. As always start with a neutral base. In this matter, clean whites are the gold standard. Some chalet interiors even go so far as to build their design around an all-white look. This gives the room a simple and sophisticated feel. If you decide to go this route, you just have to play with a lot of different shades, patterns, and shapes to make the room a lot variété. So an all-white look is not quite your style, primary color palettes are also popular with cottage styles. However, they are often in softer shades. Consider using colors like raspberry, robin’s egg blue, or cornflower yellow to add visual interest to your neutral base. Use an eclectic mix of furniture.

Choose eclectic furniture

Cottage-style interiors enjoy anything but cookie cutters. In these rooms, each design element usually has its own story, especially when it comes to furniture. It is better to leave the purchase of unified sets in favor of manually picking up more eclectic pieces that attract your attention. Traditionally, cottage furniture also has a vintage touch. Do not be afraid to consult ready-made resources to find the best purchases. Keep an eye out for local antique shops, thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets. You never know what treasures you will come across (as long as they are robust and functional of course!). Once you have your finds at home, all you need is a few coats of paint to attach them together. Choose a shade that fits the color scheme above well-with a matte or eggshell finish-and you need to go well. That said, If you’re not a big DIY enthusiast, non-slip covers are also very common in cottage looks and can greatly contribute to the cohesion of different furniture styles.

Using Unifying templates

Integrating patterns is another way to bring together the feeling of hodgepodge that sometimes accompanies cottage-style patterns. Historically, floral designs have been very popular, but to make them look more modern, consider using a chevron or geometric pattern. Chalet looks are focused on comfort, so you have a lot of opportunities to work on the pattern in the room through textiles. When composing the space, focus on using a variety of rugs, seat cushions, blankets, and pillows to make it as warm and inviting as possible. One thing we don’t talk about very often is window treatments. With cottage interiors, you want the room to feel like a refreshing breeze can come through the window at any time. Placing a few transparent panels around your window frames is an easy way to achieve this aesthetic. They too could benefit from a good dose of protein.

Add lots of accessories

Regular Freshome readers know that we are usually big fans of restraint when it comes to accessories, but cottage-style decoration is an exception to the rule. These interiors are all about feeling cozy and inhabited. There is no better way to make this point than by showing your most precious possessions. Here, what you choose to display is less important than how it is done.

The interiors of cottages are known to house personal collections, reclaimed rustic objects, and coastal decorations. However, it is important to ensure that your surfaces look purposefully stylish rather than thrown together. The key to this is to know how to create regroupements.Il there are no definite rules on this, but in general, designers recommend sticking to strange groups of elements and playing with arrangements of different directions and heights. If you find yourself stuck, take a moment to look for inspiration and model your aesthetic based on these looks.

Feel free to print your own on cottage-style design. The cottage-style design has been around for centuries and for good reason. This traditional version of shabby chic is the perfect choice to create a relaxing oasis away from the stress of everyday life. If you’re ready to make your interior feel like your own personal oasis, keep this guide handy. It contains all the information you need to bring a chalet look to life.What do you think of the cottage style design? Would you use this look in your own interior?

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